Sunday-go-to-meetin’ clothes not required! Where stringed instruments have replaced organ music and vest and jeans have replaced suits and ties, Cowboy Church comes together the first Saturday of every month for some good ole’ Christian Country Music! We have people who have joined us from all over for this musical feast. Join in with our live band and sing some familiar songs.

                    Historyedit cowby 2
Pastor Howard and his son would play Country Christian Music during the special on certain Sundays. After awhile, people approached Pastor Howard about sitting in on him and his son’s “jam sessions.” Pastor Tom and Pastor Howard tossed the idea around, and decided to try a monthly music service. The Lord kept this music service their hearts and they decided with God’s guidance to go through with it. They figured only 50 or 60 people would come to the opening service of this musical service that they named, Cowboy Church.  On October 3, 1998, Grace Community Church’s stage opened up its first Cowboy Church with the attendance of 263! Since then, the attendance grew so that we had to put chairs in the aisle of the original sanctuary which caused us to plan to build a new sanctuary to accommodate a new crowd. There came a point where we were  we were up to 3 services for Christmas. We went through with the remodeling plan and built the new sanctuary where our attendance is now 425+. The Lord has continued to bless this ministry and has worked in the lives of the ones who have attended.